from October 1 to December 1

The contest works student / s and graduate / s universities of Kharkov
(NOT) genderovannaya (NOT) reality


To participate in the contest, please fill out an application on the link and send your work to:

Our greetings,
dear Lady-visitor and Visitor!

We – Women Association “Sphere” (Ukraine, Kharkiv)
– 5 astonishing different women – joined hands, because we strive for movement and development.

We consider that it’s important to support Women's in the Great Sense and in the attitude toward each Woman.

We are sure that Feminity is capable and should become apparent not only in a way of life service and reproduction. A Woman can realize in different fields of life – being a doctor or a sportswoman, a head mistress or lady-scientist, a lady-secretary or a lady-mechanic, a lady-president or a lady-priest, a lady-sergeant or a lady-banker. Or carrying out a mother’s work or a lady-governess work toward her own children.

A Woman has a right to fell herself full among the variety of her social appearances – allowing herself being noticeable or unnoticeable, noisy or quiet, falling in love or disappointed, strong or weak, confident or timid.

Besides the individual, internal women part, our Organization supports Women Communities which the society marginalizes.
We are sure – lesbians and bisexual women need neither the defence nor exceptional privileges – it’s important for us to feel ourselves full participants of the society.

And we work for the sake of these tryings come true.