Women’s Solidarity Week 2015

Неделя Женской Солидарности


From 3rd to 08th of March 2015.

Engaging educational event for us and about us.

Date Time Topic Location
03.03.2015 19:00 Digest of commercials about women Municipal Gallery
04.03.2015 19:00 Lecture by Anna Gricenko “The Culture of Rape” Municipal Gallery
05.03.2015 15:00 Panel Discussion: Perfect woman body Culture Academy
05.03.2015 19:00 Katerina Mischenko. Feminist anthology presentation “Image. Gender. Body. Gender research in interdisciplinary spectrum” Municipal Gallery
06.03.2015 15:00 Panel discussion: Modern practices of feminist resistance Univercity after V.N. Karazin (Faculty of media & communication)
06.03.2015 19:00 Lecture by Nadezda Chushak. “Postcolonial feminism” Municipal Gallery
07.03.2015 14:00 Movement “Borsch” Avtonomia “Squat”
08.03.2015 18:00 Old Circus