Press conference “March events in support of women in Kharkiv”

Anna Sharyhina program coordinator of Тижні жіночої солідарності. Харків. together with her colleagues: Daria Nagaivska from Actual Woman and Dasha Serbina from Centre of Gender Culture spoke about the events that will take place in March in Kharkiv.

Start of the Women’s Solidarity Weeks project will happen on the 1st of March – come to the opening and lecture about female artists Being an artists: publicity, vulnarability and personal strategies, March 8 to the public action Women Solidarity March. Time for a woman, March 12 Business forum and discussion. You can find the details in description facebook events.

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Women’s Solidarity March 2020

Time for a woman

Women’s Solidarity March is the most visible event in support of women in Kharkiv. On this day women go out to the streets of the city to inspire, support and encourage each other to fight for their rights, the rights of others and those without a voice.

This year, the Women’s Solidarity March will be happening for the fifth time and will be held under the slogan “Time for a woman”.

We are going to remind the city, people and authorities that it is always the time to discuss and find decisions of the problems of gender inequality and the suppression of women, which turns in domestic and gender-based violence, unequal working conditions, abusive jokes, sexist advertising and more.

On the 8th of March at 14:00 we will start the march near the Universitet metro station: we will be gathering near the Palace of Children’s and Youth Creativity. The march will be walk down the Sumskaya St to the Constitution square.

Bring your posters, matter and inspiration, considering that any political symbols would be inappropriate.

Volunteers will be working during the March. It’s important to listen to their instructions.

Our time is long overdue, let’s unite in the fight!

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The 8th of March is coming. The Women’s Solidarity Day and the outstanding symbol of women’s struggle for their rights!

Together with our partners, we are going to celebrate the annual Women’s Solidarity Weeks in Kharkiv.

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We are extremely grateful to our partners, the international institutions, and organisations, to all 1000 people who signed the official statement to the Interior Minister Arsen Avakov in December.

As a result, we have already received the official response of the Main Directorate of the National Police in Kharkiv region about a few cases of attacks, and hate incidents, in particular, the assaults on the community center Pridehub, and public LGBT+ actions obstructions in Kharkiv. Also, we have been invited to make an affidavit about the incidents. At the moment, we are looking forward to receiving the details about the effective investigation.

The National Police Chief authenticates, that all the cases are considered. We are going to keep a close eye on the situation.