Kharkiv Pride

KharkivPride is the largest LGBT event in Eastern Ukraine, existing to create equal rights and opportunities for people regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity

KharkivPride will take place from September 4 to 13, and the slogan of this year’s Pride is “Important for all of us.”

Together with you we have formed the requirements of the Pride to the authorities and the city and now we are ready to announce them:

1. Equal access to state institutions.
We demand that the state ensures equal access to public services for all people, regardless of their sexual orientation and / or gender identity.

2. Inclusive education without bullying
We stand for a society of respect for diversity and inclusive education without bullying.

3. Proper investigation of hate crimes
We call for a proper investigation into hate crimes against LGBT+ and other vulnerable groups.

Educational and entertainment events for the LGBT+ community and supporters will take place as part of this year’s Pride. Platforms for public discussions will be created, and on September 13 the KharkivPride March, which is already traditional for our city, will take place.

Given the uncertainty of the epidemiological situation, we understand the importance of flexible response and dialogue with local authorities. So far, letters have been sent requesting a meeting to the Kharkiv City Council, the Kharkiv Regional Council and the Kharkiv National Police Department.