History of Sphere

11.10.2017 There happened the first public action in support of visibility of LGBT-people in a form of musical concert of Alcohol Ukulele group and LGBT-choir Dorothy’s Friends with the support of National Police
11.2017 Flashmob #KharkivForEverybody was supported by nearly 30 public figures of Kharkiv – opinion leaders.
2017 Kharkiv volunteers were the most numerous group of volunteers among cities of Ukraine at KyivPride2017 and OdessaPride2017.
17.05.2017 First public LGBT-action-performance in Kharkiv, organized by WA Sphere and other Kharkiv LGBT-activists was attacked by right-wing grouping
03.2017 Women’s Solidarity Week was dedicated to the issue of economic inequality between men and women. Women’s Solidarity March took place under the slogan “We demand 100 percent!”
10.2016 Action of solidarity with polish women in their struggle for the right of choice near the Consulate General of Poland in Kharkiv was organized by WA Sphere.
03.2016 As a part of Women’s Solidarity Week there was organized the first March of Women’s Solidarity in Kharkiv, that was dedicated to counteraction to violance against women.
08.2015 Opening of the community center for LGBT-people – QueerHome Kharkiv, organized by “Gay alliance Ukraine” with the support of WA Sphere in Kharkiv. Over the next two years, the community center hosted educational, mobilization, advocacy activities for the LGBT women and the LGBT community.
03.2015 The first Women’s Solidarity Week – an open educational project on gender equality and opportunities for women was organized by WA Sphere, V.Bavikina and A.Senina with the support of the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Ukraine.
12.2014 Participation in national strategic planning of LGBT movement and MSM-service
30.08.2014 Open screening of movie digest “New films by female directors: Bechdel test”, organized by WA Sphere with the support of the of Heinrich Böll Foundation in Ukraine.
2013 Monthly meetings of the Kharkiv Feminist Studies – an open self-study project on the analysis of feminist and queer texts. Organized by NGO WA Sphere with the support of the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Ukraine.
25.09.2010 Open Conference “Family Models: Transformations and Development Trends” was organized by NGO WA Sphere with the support of the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Ukraine.
17.05.2010 Open screening and discussion of the film “Story of Matthew Shepard”
28.10.2009 Screening and discussion of the digest of LGBT-friendly commercial and social advertisingm organized by WA Sphere for the LGBT community of Kharkiv.
03.10.2009 Lecture “Lesbian image in fashion” by Alexandra Ilyinskaya, organized by NGO WA Sphere for Kharkiv LB-community.
17-19.07.2009 LTT-weekend for the Ukrainian LB-community was organized by the NGO “Sphere”, with the participation of Swedish creative actors Anna Viola Hallberg and Annika Karlsson Rixon.
16.05.2009 The first public screening of a movie about religious lesbophobia was organized by NGO WA Sphere with the support of the Bommer cinema
07.03.2009 The first street flashmob was held on International Women’s Solidarity Day – March 8. Under the slogan “There is no such thing as work for men and work for women – there are worthy and not worthy causes”. 8 women were washing pots in front of the building of the Regional Council.
17.12.2008 Screening of the documentary “Same-Sex Families” in the Cactus Café organized by the NGO “Sphere” for the Kharkiv LB-community
24-25.10.2008 A seminar on Spirituality and Sexuality in Faith and Religion with the participation of Reverend Diane Fisher (MCC, Canada) and Florin Buchuane (ACCEPT, Romania). The first coverage in the media.
01-04.08.2008 Oleksandra Ilyinskaya, Sphere NGO activist, took part in EuroPride 2008
21.07.2008 Launch of the first version of the WA “Sphere” website.
12.06.2008 The public organization “Kharkiv Women’s Association ‘Sphere ” was registered.
16.02.2008 Friendly volleyball match between Kharkiv and Kyiv women’s amateur teams in Kharkiv.
13.01.2008 The second open strategic planning of the women’s initiative group “Sphere”
01.12.2007 Art-evening “Women’s Creativity Against HIV / AIDS” was organized by Sphere IG for the Kharkiv LB-community.
10.11.2007 The round table “Nature of Homosexuality” was organized by Sphere IG for the Kharkiv LB-community.
21.10.2007 Seminar «History of Kharkiv. Prominent Women of Kharkiv” organized by Sphere IG for the Kharkiv LB-community.
15-17.09.2007 Training “Prevention of addictive behavior. Revealing Your Own Uniqueness” was organized by Sphere IG for the Kharkiv LB-community.
18,19.08.2007 Seminar “Parenting in same-sex families” was organized by Sphere IG for the Kharkiv LB-community.
06-08.07.2007 Women’s Leadership Training was organized by Sphere IG for the Kharkiv LB community.
09,10.06.2007 Seminar “Sexual orientation. (Trans)gender. Sex” by M.Mayerchyk, organized by the Sphere IG for the Kharkiv LB-community.
01.2007 The first open strategic planning of Kharkiv women’s initiative group “Sphere”.
06-08.12.2006 Participation of three representatives of the Kharkiv Women’s Initiative Group in the strategic planning of the activities of the Ukrainian LB community within the framework of the National Conference of LGBT Movement and MSM Service.
11.2006 Start of self-awareness development groups in Kharkiv
09.2006 Focus group in Kharkiv within the framework of the all-Ukrainian study “Being a lesbian in Ukraine. Gaining strength” was organized by Kharkiv Women’s Initiative Group with the support of Women’s Network IOC
08.2006 Participation of two representatives of the Kharkiv Lesbian Community in the Summer Lesbian-Feminist Camp of the Women’s Network Network
09.2005 Friendly football match with participation of Kiev women’s team NRG in Kharkiv.
28.05.2005 The first non-professional women’s soccer match.
04.2005 The beginning of the lesbian meeting in Pleshka.
2001 Informal gatherings of Zemfira and Night Snipers fan clubs “Caviar” and “Splashes”.