In Kharkov QueerHome formed fetish-bdsm-line educational activities

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The topic of the different kind of sexual culture and practices in our society is still a taboo for discussion and education. Perhaps, that’s why we have such a huge level of crimes and offenses in sexual sphere in Ukraine – violence, homophobic attacks, hate speech and etc.

Lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people who were brought up on the territory of the former conservative Soviet Union, as much as heterosexuals, are uneducated in matters of sexual practices. However, when they try to find information about this sphere the first thing they can find is an Internet which is overloaded with porn where you can find out only about violence and aggression.

In the purpose to spread the information about mutually and confidence sexual practices #QueerHomeKharkiv in cooperation with Shibari “Bondage Studio” and Yuliya Vasileva decided to start educational work for LGBT-people and for all friendly people of other sexual-orientations and gender identities. So, in the beginning of September, Yuliya Vasileva performed a workshop called “Shibari – Japanese art of binding” and in the end of October Jey Robin organized informative lecture-discussion about culture of Fetish.

“Anytime soon I and “Bondage Studio” with Yuliya Vasileva are going to organize a series of lectures, discussions and workshops about BDSM. Also we are going to continue our introduction into Shibari.” said Jey Robin the coordinator of fetish line in Queer Home Kharkiv.

“The most important thing that people of different sexual-orientations and gender identities can talk and discuss private issues in trust and safety atmosphere. They can get almost exclusive knowledge about sexual practices. We hope that it will lead to the non-violence and increase level of the pleasure in relationships generally” said Anna Sharigina the coordinator of the Queer Home Kharkiv.

Queer Home Kharkiv – it’s a community center for Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgender people, and for all friendly people of other sexual-orientations and gender identities. Queer Home Kharkiv is one of the six in Ukraine. Queer Home project was created by “Gay Alliance Ukraine”.

Fashion Revolution. History miniskirts

© “Fashion Revolution. A History of the Miniskirt”,
2009 Переклад: Катана, 2009 р.


60-ые года прошлого века стали политически ответственным десятилетием революции и изменений. Аполлон 11 стал первым аппаратом, приземлившимся на Луне, Акт о Гражданских Правах 1964-го стал законом, Вьетнам взбушевался, Битломания охватила мир, противозачаточные таблетки ударили по рынку, и новый культ юности, так называемый, «Молодежетрясение» полностью захватил многие сферы жизни. Среди этих драматических политических и культурных изменений появилась одна из самых живучих и спорных икон эпохи: мини-юбка (или мини юбка).

Существуя, неожиданно, с древних времен этот маленький и сексуальный кусок ткани воплотил некоторые наиболее очаровательные парадоксы нашего времени, так как она предлагает и эмпауермент1 и ранимость, независимость и желание нравиться, попытку скрыть и показать, зрелость и игривость, освобождение и эксплуатацию. Одновременно осуждена и любима, мини-юбка разразилась среди политического пейзажа, и женщины внезапно обратили внимание на то, что было спрятано годами – женские ноги.

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