Humanitarian aid of the Sphere of the LGBT community

UAH 746,327 – this is the amount of money sent by the public women’s organization Sphere in the first month of the financial support program for LGBT+ people from the east of Ukraine.

The program was launched at the beginning of the war and aims to provide material assistance to LGBT+ people and their families. Because of the Russian aggression, many people found themselves in a difficult situation and needed money for basic things, from food to medicine. In addition, the LGBT+ community is one of the most vulnerable groups, and all the problems have escalated during the war, so financial support was essential.

The focus of the program is the east of Ukraine, because Sphere has been working in Kharkiv for almost 14 years. But the applications of those who had to move to other parts of the country, as well as those who are in the war zone were supported.

Information about the program was shared on social media. In order to receive financial aid, one had to fill out an application, provide information about themself, and wait for a response. It’s easy, but sometimes the simplest things seem difficult under stress. Therefore, to facilitate the process, the vice-president of the NGO Sphere Anna Sharyhina held a live broadcast on Instagram, in which she spoke in detail about how to form an application and increase your chances of the request to be approved.

In total, 515 applications for assistance were received by the team of Sphere during one month of the program (March 18 – April 18), 347 of which were approved.

Some more statistics: 45.6% of applications were submitted by women, 51.2% – men, 1.2% were non-binary people, 1% – trans people, 0.8% – queer people and 0.2% – agender people. The largest amount sent is 8,000 UAH, the smallest is UAH 145 UAH. The average amount of the request was 2,150 UAH.

What exactly was the money spent on? The most relevant categories are food, treatment (both examinations and the purchase of medecine, as well as psychotherapeutic care) and accommodation (rent and payment of utilities). Another kind of expenses is travel (train tickets, gasoline and car repairs). And also, the purchase of clothing, hygiene products; costs of mobile connection and care for pets. There were also requests for children and tuition fees. Many of those, whose requests were approved, thanked for the help on Instagram, clarifying what needs were met: “Now I can buy medicine and things and study.”

In turn, Sphere thanks for the opportunity to create a program of financial support to pride organizations and international foundations from around the world, philanthropists who sent funds. The summed up results of the first month showed how relevant and important this program turned out to be. So it continues, Sphere is ready to continue to help LGBT+ people, easing social tensions and bringing our victory closer.

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