Sphere Team, the end of 2019

NGO “Women Association Sphere (Kharkiv, Ukraine)” public organization founded in 2006 by an initiative group of women. In 2008, it was registered in the register of non-profit organizations and in 2017 it successfully passed the re-registration in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

The organization unites women regardless of age, marital status, origin, sexual orientation, religious, political and other beliefs. In fact, PO “Sphere” is a lesbian-feminist organization.

Our Mission: creating opportunities for women in various spheres of public life and professional activities in Ukraine and the world by promoting the development of women’s potential in general and strengthening the influence of every woman and women’s communities in society.

Priority directions of work:

  • promoting the idea of equal rights and opportunities for women in all spheres of public life;
  • implementation of educational activities in the field of human rights, gender equality, diversity of sexual, gender and other identities;
  • promoting the integration of homosexual and bisexual women and communities into society;
  • creation of conditions for social, economic, professional, creative, age, cultural, sporting and personal development of each woman and women’s communities.

You can know us on such projects:

  • The Women’s Solidarity Weeks
    Annual social and educational project dedicated to the problem of gender inequality in Ukraine and the development of the women’s movement for their rights and freedoms. The project is organized by the “Sphere” and implemented by various Kharkov women with the support of the Representation of the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Ukraine. It has been held for three years in a row (2015, 2016, 2017). Includes lectures, discussions, film screenings, a feminist tattoo marathon, as well as march March on 8 streets of city.
  • KharkivPride
    In September 2019, we organized the first Pride Week and Pride March in Kharkiv to protect the rights and increase the visibility of members of the LGBT community in the city, it was quite a success and had a lot of resonance. The first March gathered about 3,000 participants and began an important and promising discussion with the city and its citizens.
  • PrideHub
    The community center for LGBT + and friendly people in Kharkiv, organized by the NGO “ChZhO Sphere” with the support of the National Democratic Institute and the Embassy of Great Britain in Ukraine. Now the Hub is open every day except for Sunday and Monday, from who share the values of human rights and the idea of equality. Here you can work, take part in planned events, propose and conduct your own event, in accordance with the general concept of the Hub.
  • Flashmob #KharkivForAll
    It was organized and implemented by the “Sphere” in support of the visibility of LGBT +. The action was attended by about 30 leaders of public opinion in Kharkov.

On this site you can learn more about our actions and projects, see the team of Sphere and get acquainted with our plans for the future. We invite you to join our work!